Why I placed a curse on this customer’s genitals

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Big lesson here…

A few days ago I received this email from a customer that
has just purchased JVFT (Let’s call him Alex):

“What the heck is this?????????????

You made me signup on your affiliate page and you
don’t have any swipes, banners etc. Come on man…..

Take me off your affiliate email list if this is the case.

I was hoping you had some copy already setup so I could
start promoting.“

First … the shocking admission of guilt…

I didn’t set up our affiliate resource page – yet!

But … when a guy is this angry… it usually means that something is
WRONG with him.

And sure enough… after a couple of hours he asked for a refund, claiming
that the training isn’t what he thought it was…


Was our 20-page sales letter not clear enough?

So I checked out his site…

And it turns out that Alex helps people get Joint Ventures and…
that he doesn’t have a problem with stealing.

Because right there… on his homepage was copy that I wrote months
ago for the JVFT landing page – copied word for word!

So …

  1. Alex got his refund
  2. He was also unsubscribed from all our mailing lists
  3. And was added to the JVFT black list – which means he will never get
    coaching/consulting from either me or Glenn

He’s banned from the JVFT world!

I learned this a looooong time ago…

You have to build a marketing system that allows you to remove
the bad seeds from your business.

Because when you can’t afford to kick the idiots out, they sense it
and leech the fun and energy from you until you’re nothing but a dried

But you don’t have deal with the fun-leeches…

You can set up half a dozen joint ventures that will keep driving
fresh (and sane) leads into your business.

Details here…



I placed a curse on his genitals because he’s a classless idiot and
the world doesn’t need more of those.

I’m saving the world one idiot at a time.

Peace 🙂

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