These marketing mistakes are entirely my fault

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Earlier today I was helping a friend of a friend with her

She was very happy with the advice she got because it was…

  1. Excellent
  2. Free (mistake #1)

I rarely give free advice because people just don’t appreciate
it… and they almost never apply it to their business.

That’s why you have to charge (and handsomely) for
your services. Otherwise your clients will ignore it. Which actually
works against them.

But that’s not my biggest mistake…

As the conversation was winding down… this woman asked
if she could call me again if she needed help.

I told that I make a living by selling marketing advice and it
won’t be possible for me to keep giving it away for free.

And that she can get marketing coaching for me, but it’s pretty

And then it dawned on me…

Glenn and I are giving nearly free marketing coaching in our
monthly webinars.

Every JVFT customer can attend these webinar and talk with us
about his marketing challenges.

And some of them do.

In fact…

There’s a pretty sharp customer named Dianne that comes on every
webinar and gets advice each month.

Not just from me…

But also from the amazing Dr. Glenn Livingston.

So what’s my mistake?

It’s that I haven’t stated this fact in a clear and concise manner
on our sales page…

This “bonus” alone is worth a lot more than the price we’re
charging for the entire training.

It makes the entire offer SIGNIFICANTLY more valuable

And it should have been clearly stated just below the main
headline on the sales page.

And it’s not.

See for yourself…

And while you’re there… and if you need some in-person advice
about your marketing from Glenn and me then give yourself a
gift and…

Get the full training.

The monthly webinar is just a few days away.


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