The Pig Wedding Diaries: A Smelly Marketing Tale

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A couple of years back, a group of us tried to put together a
lead generation company for the wedding industry…

Short story…

It didn’t work

Slightly longer story…

We were very experienced with Pay-Per-Click. So we put
together a campaign … a killer ad… a gorgeous and entertaining
website and an offer so good only the dumbest of brides could
refuse it.

Or so we thought…

Because 95% of the brides were able to withstand our marketing
charms … the only brides that took the bait were the less-than-fortunate

We had a claustrophobic bride that found it difficult to organize her
wedding because she couldn’t check out venues or go food-tasting.

One bride had a budget of $800 and the mother-of-the-groom insisted
on inviting 300 people (and didn’t shell out a dime.)

But we really knew something was wrong with our campaign when
a bride from Washington wanted our help to get rid of the smell
and the flies in her venue because…

“The pigs and the dogs really muck up the place and it smells and
there’s flies”

And nothing we did fixed the problem.

It was like kicking the same can down the same street…

And we should have known better… because the wedding market is a
referral market.

The ‘whales’, the $50,000+ brides, don’t Google venues, they ask their
friends for referrals.

And that’s the case with ‘whales’ in a lot of markets.

So… If you’re going after “whales”, you need to build a referral

Or better yet, an evergreen joint venture system….

Evergreen joint ventures are are integrated into your partner’s
marketing system and happen automatically…

Like an auto-responder message that endorses you…

Or an up-sell for one of his products…

And you can learn exactly how to create an Evergreen JV system for
your business here…

Or you might get stuck with the less-than-fortunate-clients.

See you inside,

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