The Inner Game of Self-Employment Success

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The perp was curled-up on the ground, moaning in pain…

Probably due to the fact that his kidney just had a short
but highly effective encounter with a police flashlight.

Here’s what happened…

Joseph, my supervising officer and I, were on patrol (every volunteer
was assigned a supervising officer)…

At 2am we got a call from dispatch about an altercation two miles up
the road from our location.

As we arrived at the scene, we saw a man dragging a woman on the
asphalt road by her hair.

“SIR… please LET GO of the woman and STEP BACK”

Joseph instructed…

Well the perp did let go … but instead of stepping back, he started
walking towards us, cursing and waving his hands.

I was so angry and pumped with adrenaline I reacted without thinking…

And hit him in the kidney … HARD!

Back in the station, Joseph was furious.

“You’re lucky this guy is too stupid to press charges…

We would both be in deep shit if he did.”

“I’m sorry” I said…

“But when I saw him hitting his girlfriend … the blood just
rushed to my head.”

“I know,” Joseph said,

“I wanted to kick the living daylights out of him too”

“But I learned to not let my emotions be in the driver’s seat”

“You need to be in control … not your emotions!”

And looking back, 20 years later… I can tell you that Joseph
was 100% correct.

All too often we let our emotions determine how we behave.

And all too often our emotions prevent us from doing the work that
we need to do to in order to succeed…

And this is especially true if you are self-employed… or aspire to
be self employed.

Because the highs are so high and the lows so low… a lot of
self-employed professionals let themselves be distracted from
their work by their feelings and emotions.

But it is focused and continuous work that brings about success.

That’s why in the upcoming JVFT webinar… we’re going to show
you how to put yourself in the driver’s seat…

So that YOU will be in control of your actions, not your feelings and
your emotions…

And generate that continuous and focused work that’s required to
achieve success…

Join here…


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