The Bee’s Knees vs. The Snake’s Hip Marketing

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I’m a third generation bee-keeper.

That’s why I love the expression, “the bee’s knees”.

The bees carry the flower-pollen in a kind of basket
that’s located half-way up their leg.

It’s an area of concentrated sweetness and goodness.

And that might be why the phrase ‘the bee’s knees’ means
what it means.

But we can’t know for sure.

All we know is that people started using it somewhere in the
1920s, along with a bunch of other catchphrases, like…

  • The Monkey’s Eyebrows
  • The Cat’s Meow
  • The Bullfrog’s Beard
  • The Gnat’s Elbow
  • The Eel’s Ankle
  • The Elephant’s instep
  • The Cat’s Pajamas
  • The Snake’s Hip

… and a dozen others

But out of all these cool catchphrases only the Bee’s Knees
and the Cat’s Pajamas survived.
That’s because they were ‘experiments’ – people made them up
and hoped they’d gain popularity. And if they didn’t … then no
real harm was done.

But you can’t treat your business like that.

You’re putting way too much of your time, money and soul into it to
let fate decide if it survives.

That’s why in the complete JVFT Training we discuss everything…

  • From creating a persuasion architecture for your business
  • To building a product or service that can attract partners and traffic
  • To actually making deals with JV partners
  • Driving traffic
  • And making sales and profit

And you can learn it all here….

It’ll take A LOT of the guesswork out of your business…

And you can avoid becoming ‘The Snake’s Hip’.


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