Snapping New-Yorkers in Half

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“You know what I hate about this city?
It’s the tourists … they’re everywhere. It takes hours just to get
a freaking sandwich…”

It was the last day of one of my business trips to the big apple.

And this guy was obviously talking about me.

We were standing in line for a food truck, and I was sporting my best
Bermuda pants and holding bags from Forbidden Planet – one of
New-York’s finest comic shop.

I turned around!

And there he was – this skinny, pale guy – looking directly
at me.

The girl he was with looked terrified.

Apparently the guy wanted to impress her so badly that he’s made
a judgment error – you don’t just go around provoking
people in New York.

I’m pretty sure I could have snapped him in half

But decided to have a little fun instead…

“Are you a REAL New Yorker?”

I asked him with the most admiring voice I could muster.

“Yes?” he said, suddenly he wasn’t so sure this was
a good idea.

“That’s bloody AWESOME!!!!” I said

“I’ve never met a REAL New Yorker!!!”

“Would you mind taking a picture with me? Please?”

“The folks back home would DIE!!!”

At this point the girl was giggling and he looked like he
ate a batch of rotten apples.

But thinking about it today, I wouldn’t have done it again…
because although I amused myself, I really embarrassed
him in front of his friend.

But back then, my ego took over… I was insulted and I had to react.

If I had the mental tools I have today, tools that allow me to
understand my own emotions and feelings and choose how to respond
instead of my knee-jerk sarcasm, I would have just ignored him.

And I’m going to teach all about these tools…

In the upcoming JVFT webinar.

But you’ve got to be a JVFT customer to attend…

I’ll see you inside.


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