Why I placed a curse on this customer’s genitals


Big lesson here…

A few days ago I received this email from a customer that
has just purchased JVFT (Let’s call him Alex):

“What the heck is this?????????????

You made me signup on your affiliate page and you
don’t have any swipes, banners etc. Come on man…..

Take me off your affiliate email list if this is the case.

I was hoping you had some copy already setup so I could
start promoting.“

First … the shocking admission of guilt…

I didn’t set up our affiliate resource page – yet!

But … when a guy is this angry… it usually means that something is
WRONG with him.

And sure enough… after a couple of hours he asked for a refund, claiming
that the training isn’t what he thought it was…


Was our 20-page sales letter not clear enough?

So I checked out his site…

And it turns out that Alex helps people get Joint Ventures and…
that he doesn’t have a problem with stealing.

Because right there… on his homepage was copy that I wrote months
ago for the JVFT landing page – copied word for word!

So …

  1. Alex got his refund
  2. He was also unsubscribed from all our mailing lists
  3. And was added to the JVFT black list – which means he will never get
    coaching/consulting from either me or Glenn

He’s banned from the JVFT world!

I learned this a looooong time ago…

You have to build a marketing system that allows you to remove
the bad seeds from your business.

Because when you can’t afford to kick the idiots out, they sense it
and leech the fun and energy from you until you’re nothing but a dried

But you don’t have deal with the fun-leeches…

You can set up half a dozen joint ventures that will keep driving
fresh (and sane) leads into your business.

Details here…



I placed a curse on his genitals because he’s a classless idiot and
the world doesn’t need more of those.

I’m saving the world one idiot at a time.

Peace 🙂

The Pig Wedding Diaries: A Smelly Marketing Tale


A couple of years back, a group of us tried to put together a
lead generation company for the wedding industry…

Short story…

It didn’t work

Slightly longer story…

We were very experienced with Pay-Per-Click. So we put
together a campaign … a killer ad… a gorgeous and entertaining
website and an offer so good only the dumbest of brides could
refuse it.

Or so we thought…

Because 95% of the brides were able to withstand our marketing
charms … the only brides that took the bait were the less-than-fortunate

We had a claustrophobic bride that found it difficult to organize her
wedding because she couldn’t check out venues or go food-tasting.

One bride had a budget of $800 and the mother-of-the-groom insisted
on inviting 300 people (and didn’t shell out a dime.)

But we really knew something was wrong with our campaign when
a bride from Washington wanted our help to get rid of the smell
and the flies in her venue because…

“The pigs and the dogs really muck up the place and it smells and
there’s flies”

And nothing we did fixed the problem.

It was like kicking the same can down the same street…

And we should have known better… because the wedding market is a
referral market.

The ‘whales’, the $50,000+ brides, don’t Google venues, they ask their
friends for referrals.

And that’s the case with ‘whales’ in a lot of markets.

So… If you’re going after “whales”, you need to build a referral

Or better yet, an evergreen joint venture system….

Evergreen joint ventures are are integrated into your partner’s
marketing system and happen automatically…

Like an auto-responder message that endorses you…

Or an up-sell for one of his products…

And you can learn exactly how to create an Evergreen JV system for
your business here…


Or you might get stuck with the less-than-fortunate-clients.

See you inside,

The ‘Homer Simpson’ of Marketing Gurus Reveals Biggest Marketing Mistake


Yesterday I received an email from a well known
marketing guru. It was titled:

‘A Jew Twist on Joint Ventures…’


Now… a student of the ‘Homer Simpson’ school of marketing
will think this email subject is perfect:

  • It promises a benefit
  • It uses curiosity
  • It’s shocking

But OMG… how stupid can one marketing guru be?

Even if he is Jewish himself – there are some lines that
must not be crossed.

Don’t get me wrong… controversial and even shocking
headlines are a powerful marketing tool.

But there’s a fine line between shocking your reader
into reading your email and disgusting him to the point
that he unsubscribe from your list and never buys from
you again.

And using racism in your headlines crosses that line 100%
of the time.

I always write several headline drafts for emails and
sales letters… and there are always a couple of
‘shocking’ ones in the mix.

But when I’m unsure of how my headlines will be
received, I run them by my partner (The good Dr. Glenn

That’s one of the benefits of having joint venture partners…

They act like a ‘safety net’ that helps you when you’re in
trouble and prevents you from doing stupid stuff.

Like using racism in your email subject line

And you can start building your ‘safety net’ today…

We explain exactly how here…


It’s not complicated at all.

And it protects you when your inner Homer wants to
take over.


The Persuasion Secret That Brought Down the Mob Boss


One of the greatest TV love stories ever, was between
FBI agent Vinnie Terranova and the mob boss “Sunny”…

I was heart-broken when Sunny discovered that Vinnie was
actually a “Super Duck” – a deep cover agent that manipulated
him and brought about his downfall.

But it wasn’t always such a love story between Sunny and Vinnie…

Vinnie had to work extremely hard to get into Sunny’s good

He did an 18 month stretch in jail… just to build his record.

He then got himself hired as a busboy in the restaurant were
Vinnie and his posse ate, just so he could spill water on sunny
and challenge him to a boxing match…

But once their fists and faces connected…

It was true love.

But first…

Vinnie had to prove he had a criminal record

He had to prove that he was a tough guy

He had to build up a lot of PROOF.

And that is the most important persuasion element of them all.

If you’ve got compelling and overwhelming proof… it’s much easier
for the customer to do business with you.

And we’ll be discussing exactly how you can infuse your
marketing with extremely powerful proof in our webinar today.

We’ll also be showing you how to add the other elements
of persuasion to your sales materials…

  • A desperate problem
  • A Unique Promise
  • An Irresistible Offer
  • A Reason to act now

But to get the webinar (or the replay), you need to act now.

And get the JVFT full training…


Once you do… you’ll have access to the webinar.

Not to mention the complete JV Fast Track training.

And the JV Insiders Club.

I’ll see you inside,

The FASTEST way to start a REAL and PROFITABLE online business


Ain’t gonna dilly dally…

Today we’re all about speed…

Follow these steps and you can be making money within a
month …

And making serious money (the job-quitting kind) within
3 months…


Let’s say you’re in the business of helping people find
their next job. Writing a book about it will take at least six

But you could be coaching a job-seeker 15 minutes from now!

And for a LOT MORE money

STEP #2: Set up an “Opt in” page for your free newsletter

Promise daily tips on the subject

Write 3-10 bullets that illustrate what kind of help the readers
will be getting

STEP 3: Send traffic to your opt-in page with joint ventures

  • They cost nothing
  • Contrary to what people think, you can set up certain types
    of JVs (like guest posting) to send traffic to your site in just a few days.

STEP #4: Email your list as often as you can

As long as you don’t coach through the emails you’ll be fine…

Use the emails to drive people to your sales page.

In the JVFT training, we explain how to write interesting content that doesn’t give
away the farm.

STEP 4 (IMPORTANT): Create a special offer for the first 3-6 customers

This will add a real “reason to act now” for your first set of customers …

(These ones will pay the rent and the grocery bill)

And produce sales QUICKLY.

STEP 6: Set up a one-pager sales letter…

Use 80% of the page to list the proof elements you have… we covered
more than a dozen ways you can prove that you can actually deliver
the service you promise in the last JVFT webinar (It’s available to all
JVFT customers)…

Repeat the special offer…

And the reason to act now.


All the details are here…


It does require that you put in the work.

But it can be done… very quickly and with almost no money.

You only need to decide!


Keep Calm and Stop Blogging


If you’re thinking about blogging as a way to build your
business then … just don’t!

Blogging is one of the toughest ways to make money online.

You’ve got to…

  • Blog consistently for at least a couple of years
  • Write tutorial-sized blog posts bursting with value just
    to score some links
  • Spend hundreds of hours socializing to build
    your social media presence

And if you’ve done all that successfully Google might just be
kind enough to send some organic traffic your way, so you can
start building your list…

And at this point you’ll be so exhausted and overworked you
won’t have any strength left to do actual selling.

And that, my friends, is why so many bloggers are broke.

Even the high profile ones… you’ll be surprised at how many
famous bloggers don’t come close to making a living off their blog.

But … there are other (much more efficient) models for building an
online business.

And that’s what Glenn and I will be covering in the upcoming
JVFT Webinar, where we’ll explain exactly how to put together
a JV promotion, including…

  1. The ‘technical elements’ you need to put in place in
    order for the promotion to work
  2. Persuasion and copywriting tips for successful
    By then end of the webinar you’ll be able to bypass
    2-3 years of blogging and create a list of ready-to-be-sold-to

But the webinar (and the playback) will only be available
to JVFT Insiders Club members.

And you can become one here…


I’ll see you inside,

How to Score a Touchdown with Your Next Marketing Move


Not only is the info I’m about to share important
for your business, it’s also muy importante for
your sanity…

In the movie ‘Any Given Sunday’ Jamie Foxx plays a
third-string quarterback who’s called to the field by his coach
(Al Pacino) after the two leading quarterbacks were
decimated by the other team’s defense…

And Jamie Foxx is NERVOUS… This might be his last
chance to shine… If he doesn’t make it, he’ll probably
spend the rest of his short career on the bench.

The pressure is so intense… he crumbles…

He throws up in the middle of the huddle…
on camera!

He fumbles the ball

And calls out a play that’s not even in the playbook

But Coach Pacino has no options, he waves Foxx over
and tells him…

“Just Imagine you’re home, you’re enjoying yourself,
And don’t worry about the crowd and about the playbook…
focus on this next one pass and enjoy it… that’s what
you’re here for, right?”

And that’s exactly how you score touchdowns – in Football
and in business.

Because once you stop stressing about how many sales
you’re going to make or how many subscribers you’re
going to sign up, wonderful things happen…

The customers pick up on the fact that you are enjoying
yourself. And they’re drawn to it …

Plus… when marketing becomes fun, you’ll want
to do more of it.

And then sales and profits follow.

So for your next marketing play, forget about the results
and just enjoy it – that’s what you’re here for. Right?

And if you’re not sure what your next play should

May I suggest… setting up a profitable, evergreen joint venture
with a leading player in your niche…

Details here…


I’m cheering for you!

How to know if your marketing is working (and how to fix it)


The worst response to any marketing activity is … silence.

If you’re getting the ‘silent treatment’ from your audience,
then you, my friend, are in a spot of trouble.

Worry not…that’s fixable.

Case in point…

On one of our visits to London, the wife dragged me to
‘Bodies the exhibition’…

It’s an artsy exhibition where people-statues are placed
in weird positions … with only their muscle tissue to
protect them.

That’s right… these statues are not really statues, they’re
actually preserved human bodies – without skin.

As you walk through the exhibition, you’ll see:

  • A skinless woman kissing a skinless man
  • A skinless man riding a skinless horse
  • A skinless football player (helmet included)


I hated it.

And I wasn’t the only one… as we sat down for lunch in
a very nice (very spicy) Indian restaurant near the exhibition
center, every single person in the restaurant was talking
about it.

They either hated it or – they loved it and thought it was
unique and provoking.

Either way, they couldn’t stop talking about it.

And because the exhibition induced such strong reactions,
it continues to be extremely successful.

But … you don’t have to be gross or weird to be unique…

Being unique is a skill.

Ultimately, every one of your marketing messages should have
a unique element to it… otherwise they’ll just be ignored.

And that’s the first thing we’ll discuss in this month’s ‘JVFT Insiders club’
webinar titled… ‘Lead generation with Joint Ventures’.

In the webinar Glenn and I will take you through the entire
process of building a successful lead gen promotion…

We’ll also show you how we implemented the process in a promotion
we ran last month.

And we’ll begin with how we structured a unique offer for that
particular audience.

But the webinar will only be available to JFVT Clients…

And you can become one here…


For a ridiculously low price.


How to stop being scared of the marketing monster…


I’m the first to admit…

Marketing is freaking scary.

Because there’s so much riding on it being successful … and …
there’s such a high chance of failure…

A lot of people are just scared shitless of marketing.

After a few botched attempts like…

  • Writing a blog post and receiving ZERO traffic
  • Or putting up an Adwords or Facebook ad and getting almost
    no clicks… and no conversions…

The pressure becomes so intense, you’d rather sit through
a 3 hour marathon of Dora the Explorer than do anything related to

And a lot of marketing “gurus” make this worse by lying about how
easy it is to make $100K/year online and how their latest promotion made a
bajillion dollars … which makes you feel ashamed and inadequate.

But here’s how you overcome the fear and become a marketing

You embrace the adrenaline rush.

When you next approach a marketing challenge, prepare yourself for
that boost of adrenaline.

Pay attention to it. Enjoy it.

Don’t shut your eyes because you’re scared … look at the results of your
marketing efforts (even if you don’t make any sales)

And learn… From what happened… by thinking about it and
… by talking to real experts and other biz owners about it

Even the mega successful marketers are scared when they launch
a new project… they have sleepless nights and their blood is full
of adrenaline.

But they learned to embrace the feeling and even enjoy it… and
so can you!

Finally…a good place to start learning and get the advice and
the support you need is …


I’m somewhat biased… but I really believe it’s a first rate training.

And the Insiders Club and Monthly Webinars are a support
system that’s worth thousands of dollars.

Onwards – into the battle!

Facing Your Worst Business Fears


I was standing in front of 40 fresh-off-the-bus trainees who were
attentively waiting for me to open my mouth.

They’ve just finished basic training, and whatever teenage
insubordination they had, was whipped out of them by ruthless
drill sergeants.

At first, things went smoothly.

The class was quiet.

Questions were answered promptly and accurately.

But about 10 minutes in, a murmur started…

And then a giggle…

And then a bout of laugh…

This was my first time ever in front of a class and already the
students were laughing. I was horrified…

So I DEMANDED that they be quiet OR ELSE I’d inflict a punishment
so devastating they’ll beg to go back to basic training.

But the laughing continued.

In fact … it got stronger.

I stormed out angry and humiliated.

When I got back to the barracks, my fellow instructors pointed
out that my face was green… and not with envy …

Apparently, I was writing on the whiteboard with a green marker
and instead of using an eraser, I used my hand to wipe the board…
the same hand which I then used to wipe the sweat off my forehead.

The result…

4 years later I was still known as ‘The Hulk’.

It was probably the worst thing that could happen to a young army


I realized that the worst HAS happened and I was still alive.

So I marched back into the classroom. And… please excuse my immodesty,
but today I am a damn good teacher and public speaker.

And the same applies to you and your business.

Even if the worst happens… you CAN still make it…

  • Even if your biggest client leaves
  • Even if your Google campaign stops driving traffic
  • Even if you’ve been trying to make it work for months on end
    but you keep hitting a wall

If you know that you’re solving a real problem for your customers…
then push through the hardships and become damn good at whatever
you do!

Plus … If you commit yourself to persevere until you make it, then…

You are cordially invited to join Glenn’s and my ‘special ops’ unit…


We leave no man behind!