Lifting Tanks, Breaking Backs and Business Success

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It was only a washing machine…

But it felt as if I was lifting a tank.

The pain in my back was the un-healthy kind and I swear
I could feel the bones in my spine crack…

I was standing at the top of the stairs with my face pressed
against the machine’s side, trying to push it up the last few

I knew that if I dropped the darn thing… it would slide
backwards, taking me with it in a screeching tumble.

And we would end up at the bottom of the stairs in a heap
of twisted metal and broken bones.

So I did my best to push against its weight and maintain
my balance.

But I was losing…

When suddenly, my brother, who has been standing on the other
side of the washing machine, smirking, slid his hands under the
bottom and pulled.

We slowly put the washing machine down… and started screaming
at each other.

You see…

Just a minute earlier, while we were hauling the cursed chunk of
metal up the stairs, my brother decided that he’s had enough
of smart-ass remarks and said…

“You know what … you can carry this thing yourself!”

And let go…

And that’s exactly how real partners behave…

They call you out on your bullshit, but they don’t let you fall
down and break your bones.<
My closest partners like Glenn and Sharon are like brothers
and sisters to me.

We can argue… but I know they have my back and I have theirs.

And even when the weight of business threatens to send me
tumbling down and crush my bones…

I know they won’t let that happen.

And you can have the same kind of partners…

Not only will we show you how to find your own JV partners
in your own market…

But you’ll be able to connect with all the members of the
‘JVFT Insiders Club’.

Including Glenn and Me.


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