JV Crooks and the Proper “Gentlemanly Response”

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The TV shows is “The Knick” is awesome…

In one particularly brilliant scene, the star, Dr John Thackery,
is approached by a medical supplies salesman that wants to put his
face on a new ‘miracle drink’ …

It’s a perfect example of how NOT to pitch your joint venture …

Dr Thackery:

“So perhaps you won’t mind telling me the ingredients
that make up this miracle”


“Let’s not be coy with each-other doctor…

This is a booming market. We want our share of it

Dr Pepper’s brain tonic is doing so well they’re selling
it in fountains around the city…

As much a beverage as it is a remedy.

You are one of the most respected physicians in the
nation – and – with our help we think we can make you
one of the richest as well”

Dr. Thackery:

“And all I have to do is loan you my name?”



The money will roll in by the shovel-full…

You’ll be one of the most famous men in America…

Nothing will be beyond your reach!”

Dr. Thackery:

“Can you give me some time to think about it?”


“Absolutely… how much time do you need?”

Dr. Thackery:

“…Until hell freezes over!”



There ARE ways to get famous experts in your industry to:

  • Lend you their name
  • Help you develop products
  • And even promote those products to their audience

But that two-bit salesman pitch was not it.

If you’d like to see how it’s done, then you should listen
to the interview I did with Dr. Glenn Livingston where we
reveal the exact steps I took to convince him to do all
of the above.

It’s included in our product…


You can use this process to partner with the Dr. Thackery or
Dr. Livingston of your industry.

But you have to hurry… or your competitors might snag the



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