I See JV Ghosts

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Sometimes I feel like the little boy from ‘The Sixth Sense’…

I see JV ghosts everywhere…

They want to make deals… and money… but nothing they do
has any effect on reality.

And it’s because they keep making the same mistakes.

Today we’ll cover the first five:
* Pitching without building a relationship first –

It might work. But it usually doesn’t.
* Aimless networking –

Aimless networking is a huge time waster – especially on social
media. You need to decide who your targets are and then network
effectively to reel them in.

* Putting money first –

Any worthwhile partner cares much more about his customers and
readers than he cares about making an extra buck.

And yet, almost all JV pitches focus on money.

* Staying in the friend zone for too long –

Dude! (or Dudette)… you ain’t got time for this. Once you establish
a relationship… PITCH!!!

JVs are a numbers game. If this one doesn’t work out… you need to
move on as quickly as possible.

* Not studying the partner –

If you know what your partner REALLY needs…

You can almost always get the deal.

But no one seems to care.

They talk about themselves.

They never listen…

And they almost never get the deal.

Avoid these mistakes and you’ll quickly stop being a JV Ghost:

You’ll start making friends…

And deals…

And money…

Details here…


After you sign up, don’t forget to do some effective
networking by hopping into the ‘Insiders Club’ FB group
and introducing yourself.


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