How to Double Your Productivity by Achieving Buddhist-Monk like Levels of Focus

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I probably shouldn’t tell you this about myself…

But… at any given moment there’s a hurricane of thoughts
going through my brain…

I try focus on each one as they go by, but I can only catch
a glimpse before one thought disappears and another flies
into view, demanding my attention.

Here’s a short list of what’s been running through my
head in the last 5 minutes

  • Made a couple of sale – Yay!!
  • I’ve got a new winning ad
  • My guest post submission was accepted

– I’m Tired

  • 5 emails I need to send
  • Need to load up the dishwasher
  • Where are the kids going to go to school next year
  • I’ve got a stomach ache – why?
  • Ebola – OMG!
  • Wonder if the new proof elements will increase conversion
  • What I’m going to write about in tomorrow’s email

– Sex

Now… I know this because I’ve spent the last 5 minutes
meditating … quieting my mind … and paying attention
to my thoughts.

But normally… all these thoughts would have manifested
as a mild headache and a strong desire to avoid working.

Simply because working would add new challenges to my
already struggling mind.

But by meditating in a specific way, I was able to…

Calm down my excitement and…

Substantively reduce the amount of processing power my worries
were draining

And in the upcoming JVFT webinar, I’m going to show you the
exact process I use to meditate, calm my mind and build focus.

But you have to be a JVFT client to be on the webinar

Or even listen to the replay…

See you inside,

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