How I finally learned copywriting – in just three weeks

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A few months ago, Enrique, a ‘JVFT Insiders Club’ member and an all around
awesome dude, asked me to recommend a good book on copywriting…

So, as usual, I recommended a $5 book by Ben Settle.

It’s not the world’s best copywriting training … but it’s a very
good starter book.

A week goes by and Enrique comes back …

“Hi Yoav! Hope you´re doing fine. I have finished the book, can you
point me to more advanced resources? Please!”

So I responded…

“I can. But the best way for you to learn would be to actually
write and get feedback.

The problem a lot of people have is that they get caught up in
the learning process and don’t implement.

I’ll make you a deal…

You write a sales-letter, and when you’re done, I’ll critique it for

And only then I’ll point you to more advanced resources.”

You see…

I used to be the same way…

An info-hoarder…

I studied copywriting for years, but I still couldn’t sell a hamburger
to a starving man.

Until one day I was forced to write a sales-letter…

I had a product that I desperately wanted to sell. And I didn’t have the
funding to hire a copywriting gunslinger. So I had to buckle down and
write the copy myself.

3 weeks later … the copy was done. And I was 10 times better at

That’s the kind of advice you’ll get in the ‘JV Fast Track Insiders

When you get…

You might not like it.

You might not follow it.

But if you do… you’ll get A LOT better at marketing and
business – FAST!


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