Ebola Zombies Cure Procrastination

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These Ebola zombies…

They’re nasty buggers…

Not only because they can zombify you with a bite.

But because the average Ebola zombie is covered with slimy
zombie-goo made of blood, stomach fluids and brain bits,
so it can infect you with Ebola just by touching you.

But these Ebola zombies don’t exist, so they can’t harm us. Right?


Here’s an interesting fact:

People don’t stop worrying about something just because it can’t
harm them.

Cases in point:

  • Actual Ebola
  • ISIS
  • Obama

In fact, people worry way too much about stuff that they either
can’t control or that has no effect on them…

So much so, that worrying has become a huge energy and time

A productivity-eating zombie

But it gets worse…

Worrying about anything while trying to achieve a goal will dramatically
decrease your ability to reach that goal…

Even if you are justifiably worried…

Worrying while working towards a goal is COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE.


Do not despair.

There is a solution.

Over the last couple of months I’ve studied a specific type of
meditation that has helped me put the “worry mechanism”
in its place.

I didn’t shut it off (that would be dangerous)…

But I managed to significantly diminish its presence in my life.

I’ve been practicing this technique for a few minutes every
day and it has completely changed …

The effectiveness of my work

And how much I enjoy working


I’m going to introduce you to this process in the upcoming JVFT

Which you can attend when you get the full JVFT training…


We are limiting this webinar to only 10 participants because we
want to be able to interact and practice with the participants
during the webinar.

But… we will record the webinar and make the replay available
to all JFVT customers.

So you’ll still have access to the information even if you’re not
one of the first 10 participants.

But you do have to get the full training…

Which is a fantastic deal at its current price.

Even without the information we reveal in the webinar.


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