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How to Double Your Productivity by Achieving Buddhist-Monk like Levels of Focus

I probably shouldn’t tell you this about myself…

But… at any given moment there’s a hurricane of thoughts
going through my brain…

I try focus on each one as they go by, but I can only catch
a glimpse before one thought disappears and another flies
into view, demanding my attention.

Here’s a short list of what’s been running through my
head in the last 5 minutes

  • Made a couple of sale – Yay!!
  • I’ve got a new winning ad
  • My guest post submission was accepted

– I’m Tired

  • 5 emails I need to send
  • Need to load up the dishwasher
  • Where are the kids going to go to school next year
  • I’ve got a stomach ache – why?
  • Ebola – OMG!
  • Wonder if the new proof elements will increase conversion
  • What I’m going to write about in tomorrow’s email

– Sex

Now… I know this because I’ve spent the last 5 minutes
meditating … quieting my mind … and paying attention
to my thoughts.

But normally… all these thoughts would have manifested
as a mild headache and a strong desire to avoid working.

Simply because working would add new challenges to my
already struggling mind.

But by meditating in a specific way, I was able to…

Calm down my excitement and…

Substantively reduce the amount of processing power my worries
were draining

And in the upcoming JVFT webinar, I’m going to show you the
exact process I use to meditate, calm my mind and build focus.

But you have to be a JVFT client to be on the webinar

Or even listen to the replay…

See you inside,

The Inner Game of Self-Employment Success

The perp was curled-up on the ground, moaning in pain…

Probably due to the fact that his kidney just had a short
but highly effective encounter with a police flashlight.

Here’s what happened…

Joseph, my supervising officer and I, were on patrol (every volunteer
was assigned a supervising officer)…

At 2am we got a call from dispatch about an altercation two miles up
the road from our location.

As we arrived at the scene, we saw a man dragging a woman on the
asphalt road by her hair.

“SIR… please LET GO of the woman and STEP BACK”

Joseph instructed…

Well the perp did let go … but instead of stepping back, he started
walking towards us, cursing and waving his hands.

I was so angry and pumped with adrenaline I reacted without thinking…

And hit him in the kidney … HARD!

Back in the station, Joseph was furious.

“You’re lucky this guy is too stupid to press charges…

We would both be in deep shit if he did.”

“I’m sorry” I said…

“But when I saw him hitting his girlfriend … the blood just
rushed to my head.”

“I know,” Joseph said,

“I wanted to kick the living daylights out of him too”

“But I learned to not let my emotions be in the driver’s seat”

“You need to be in control … not your emotions!”

And looking back, 20 years later… I can tell you that Joseph
was 100% correct.

All too often we let our emotions determine how we behave.

And all too often our emotions prevent us from doing the work that
we need to do to in order to succeed…

And this is especially true if you are self-employed… or aspire to
be self employed.

Because the highs are so high and the lows so low… a lot of
self-employed professionals let themselves be distracted from
their work by their feelings and emotions.

But it is focused and continuous work that brings about success.

That’s why in the upcoming JVFT webinar… we’re going to show
you how to put yourself in the driver’s seat…

So that YOU will be in control of your actions, not your feelings and
your emotions…

And generate that continuous and focused work that’s required to
achieve success…

Join here…


These marketing mistakes are entirely my fault

Earlier today I was helping a friend of a friend with her

She was very happy with the advice she got because it was…

  1. Excellent
  2. Free (mistake #1)

I rarely give free advice because people just don’t appreciate
it… and they almost never apply it to their business.

That’s why you have to charge (and handsomely) for
your services. Otherwise your clients will ignore it. Which actually
works against them.

But that’s not my biggest mistake…

As the conversation was winding down… this woman asked
if she could call me again if she needed help.

I told that I make a living by selling marketing advice and it
won’t be possible for me to keep giving it away for free.

And that she can get marketing coaching for me, but it’s pretty

And then it dawned on me…

Glenn and I are giving nearly free marketing coaching in our
monthly webinars.

Every JVFT customer can attend these webinar and talk with us
about his marketing challenges.

And some of them do.

In fact…

There’s a pretty sharp customer named Dianne that comes on every
webinar and gets advice each month.

Not just from me…

But also from the amazing Dr. Glenn Livingston.

So what’s my mistake?

It’s that I haven’t stated this fact in a clear and concise manner
on our sales page…

This “bonus” alone is worth a lot more than the price we’re
charging for the entire training.

It makes the entire offer SIGNIFICANTLY more valuable

And it should have been clearly stated just below the main
headline on the sales page.

And it’s not.

See for yourself…

And while you’re there… and if you need some in-person advice
about your marketing from Glenn and me then give yourself a
gift and…

Get the full training.

The monthly webinar is just a few days away.


Snapping New-Yorkers in Half

“You know what I hate about this city?
It’s the tourists … they’re everywhere. It takes hours just to get
a freaking sandwich…”

It was the last day of one of my business trips to the big apple.

And this guy was obviously talking about me.

We were standing in line for a food truck, and I was sporting my best
Bermuda pants and holding bags from Forbidden Planet – one of
New-York’s finest comic shop.

I turned around!

And there he was – this skinny, pale guy – looking directly
at me.

The girl he was with looked terrified.

Apparently the guy wanted to impress her so badly that he’s made
a judgment error – you don’t just go around provoking
people in New York.

I’m pretty sure I could have snapped him in half

But decided to have a little fun instead…

“Are you a REAL New Yorker?”

I asked him with the most admiring voice I could muster.

“Yes?” he said, suddenly he wasn’t so sure this was
a good idea.

“That’s bloody AWESOME!!!!” I said

“I’ve never met a REAL New Yorker!!!”

“Would you mind taking a picture with me? Please?”

“The folks back home would DIE!!!”

At this point the girl was giggling and he looked like he
ate a batch of rotten apples.

But thinking about it today, I wouldn’t have done it again…
because although I amused myself, I really embarrassed
him in front of his friend.

But back then, my ego took over… I was insulted and I had to react.

If I had the mental tools I have today, tools that allow me to
understand my own emotions and feelings and choose how to respond
instead of my knee-jerk sarcasm, I would have just ignored him.

And I’m going to teach all about these tools…

In the upcoming JVFT webinar.

But you’ve got to be a JVFT customer to attend…

I’ll see you inside.


The Bee’s Knees vs. The Snake’s Hip Marketing

I’m a third generation bee-keeper.

That’s why I love the expression, “the bee’s knees”.

The bees carry the flower-pollen in a kind of basket
that’s located half-way up their leg.

It’s an area of concentrated sweetness and goodness.

And that might be why the phrase ‘the bee’s knees’ means
what it means.

But we can’t know for sure.

All we know is that people started using it somewhere in the
1920s, along with a bunch of other catchphrases, like…

  • The Monkey’s Eyebrows
  • The Cat’s Meow
  • The Bullfrog’s Beard
  • The Gnat’s Elbow
  • The Eel’s Ankle
  • The Elephant’s instep
  • The Cat’s Pajamas
  • The Snake’s Hip

… and a dozen others

But out of all these cool catchphrases only the Bee’s Knees
and the Cat’s Pajamas survived.
That’s because they were ‘experiments’ – people made them up
and hoped they’d gain popularity. And if they didn’t … then no
real harm was done.

But you can’t treat your business like that.

You’re putting way too much of your time, money and soul into it to
let fate decide if it survives.

That’s why in the complete JVFT Training we discuss everything…

  • From creating a persuasion architecture for your business
  • To building a product or service that can attract partners and traffic
  • To actually making deals with JV partners
  • Driving traffic
  • And making sales and profit

And you can learn it all here….

It’ll take A LOT of the guesswork out of your business…

And you can avoid becoming ‘The Snake’s Hip’.


JV Crooks and the Proper “Gentlemanly Response”


The TV shows is “The Knick” is awesome…

In one particularly brilliant scene, the star, Dr John Thackery,
is approached by a medical supplies salesman that wants to put his
face on a new ‘miracle drink’ …

It’s a perfect example of how NOT to pitch your joint venture …

Dr Thackery:

“So perhaps you won’t mind telling me the ingredients
that make up this miracle”


“Let’s not be coy with each-other doctor…

This is a booming market. We want our share of it

Dr Pepper’s brain tonic is doing so well they’re selling
it in fountains around the city…

As much a beverage as it is a remedy.

You are one of the most respected physicians in the
nation – and – with our help we think we can make you
one of the richest as well”

Dr. Thackery:

“And all I have to do is loan you my name?”



The money will roll in by the shovel-full…

You’ll be one of the most famous men in America…

Nothing will be beyond your reach!”

Dr. Thackery:

“Can you give me some time to think about it?”


“Absolutely… how much time do you need?”

Dr. Thackery:

“…Until hell freezes over!”



There ARE ways to get famous experts in your industry to:

  • Lend you their name
  • Help you develop products
  • And even promote those products to their audience

But that two-bit salesman pitch was not it.

If you’d like to see how it’s done, then you should listen
to the interview I did with Dr. Glenn Livingston where we
reveal the exact steps I took to convince him to do all
of the above.

It’s included in our product…

You can use this process to partner with the Dr. Thackery or
Dr. Livingston of your industry.

But you have to hurry… or your competitors might snag the



I See JV Ghosts


Sometimes I feel like the little boy from ‘The Sixth Sense’…

I see JV ghosts everywhere…

They want to make deals… and money… but nothing they do
has any effect on reality.

And it’s because they keep making the same mistakes.

Today we’ll cover the first five:
* Pitching without building a relationship first –

It might work. But it usually doesn’t.
* Aimless networking –

Aimless networking is a huge time waster – especially on social
media. You need to decide who your targets are and then network
effectively to reel them in.

* Putting money first –

Any worthwhile partner cares much more about his customers and
readers than he cares about making an extra buck.

And yet, almost all JV pitches focus on money.

* Staying in the friend zone for too long –

Dude! (or Dudette)… you ain’t got time for this. Once you establish
a relationship… PITCH!!!

JVs are a numbers game. If this one doesn’t work out… you need to
move on as quickly as possible.

* Not studying the partner –

If you know what your partner REALLY needs…

You can almost always get the deal.

But no one seems to care.

They talk about themselves.

They never listen…

And they almost never get the deal.

Avoid these mistakes and you’ll quickly stop being a JV Ghost:

You’ll start making friends…

And deals…

And money…

Details here…

After you sign up, don’t forget to do some effective
networking by hopping into the ‘Insiders Club’ FB group
and introducing yourself.


How I finally learned copywriting – in just three weeks


A few months ago, Enrique, a ‘JVFT Insiders Club’ member and an all around
awesome dude, asked me to recommend a good book on copywriting…

So, as usual, I recommended a $5 book by Ben Settle.

It’s not the world’s best copywriting training … but it’s a very
good starter book.

A week goes by and Enrique comes back …

“Hi Yoav! Hope you´re doing fine. I have finished the book, can you
point me to more advanced resources? Please!”

So I responded…

“I can. But the best way for you to learn would be to actually
write and get feedback.

The problem a lot of people have is that they get caught up in
the learning process and don’t implement.

I’ll make you a deal…

You write a sales-letter, and when you’re done, I’ll critique it for

And only then I’ll point you to more advanced resources.”

You see…

I used to be the same way…

An info-hoarder…

I studied copywriting for years, but I still couldn’t sell a hamburger
to a starving man.

Until one day I was forced to write a sales-letter…

I had a product that I desperately wanted to sell. And I didn’t have the
funding to hire a copywriting gunslinger. So I had to buckle down and
write the copy myself.

3 weeks later … the copy was done. And I was 10 times better at

That’s the kind of advice you’ll get in the ‘JV Fast Track Insiders

When you get…

You might not like it.

You might not follow it.

But if you do… you’ll get A LOT better at marketing and
business – FAST!


Lifting Tanks, Breaking Backs and Business Success


It was only a washing machine…

But it felt as if I was lifting a tank.

The pain in my back was the un-healthy kind and I swear
I could feel the bones in my spine crack…

I was standing at the top of the stairs with my face pressed
against the machine’s side, trying to push it up the last few

I knew that if I dropped the darn thing… it would slide
backwards, taking me with it in a screeching tumble.

And we would end up at the bottom of the stairs in a heap
of twisted metal and broken bones.

So I did my best to push against its weight and maintain
my balance.

But I was losing…

When suddenly, my brother, who has been standing on the other
side of the washing machine, smirking, slid his hands under the
bottom and pulled.

We slowly put the washing machine down… and started screaming
at each other.

You see…

Just a minute earlier, while we were hauling the cursed chunk of
metal up the stairs, my brother decided that he’s had enough
of smart-ass remarks and said…

“You know what … you can carry this thing yourself!”

And let go…

And that’s exactly how real partners behave…

They call you out on your bullshit, but they don’t let you fall
down and break your bones.<
My closest partners like Glenn and Sharon are like brothers
and sisters to me.

We can argue… but I know they have my back and I have theirs.

And even when the weight of business threatens to send me
tumbling down and crush my bones…

I know they won’t let that happen.

And you can have the same kind of partners…

Not only will we show you how to find your own JV partners
in your own market…

But you’ll be able to connect with all the members of the
‘JVFT Insiders Club’.

Including Glenn and Me.


Ebola Zombies Cure Procrastination


These Ebola zombies…

They’re nasty buggers…

Not only because they can zombify you with a bite.

But because the average Ebola zombie is covered with slimy
zombie-goo made of blood, stomach fluids and brain bits,
so it can infect you with Ebola just by touching you.

But these Ebola zombies don’t exist, so they can’t harm us. Right?


Here’s an interesting fact:

People don’t stop worrying about something just because it can’t
harm them.

Cases in point:

  • Actual Ebola
  • ISIS
  • Obama

In fact, people worry way too much about stuff that they either
can’t control or that has no effect on them…

So much so, that worrying has become a huge energy and time

A productivity-eating zombie

But it gets worse…

Worrying about anything while trying to achieve a goal will dramatically
decrease your ability to reach that goal…

Even if you are justifiably worried…

Worrying while working towards a goal is COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE.


Do not despair.

There is a solution.

Over the last couple of months I’ve studied a specific type of
meditation that has helped me put the “worry mechanism”
in its place.

I didn’t shut it off (that would be dangerous)…

But I managed to significantly diminish its presence in my life.

I’ve been practicing this technique for a few minutes every
day and it has completely changed …

The effectiveness of my work

And how much I enjoy working


I’m going to introduce you to this process in the upcoming JVFT

Which you can attend when you get the full JVFT training…

We are limiting this webinar to only 10 participants because we
want to be able to interact and practice with the participants
during the webinar.

But… we will record the webinar and make the replay available
to all JFVT customers.

So you’ll still have access to the information even if you’re not
one of the first 10 participants.

But you do have to get the full training…

Which is a fantastic deal at its current price.

Even without the information we reveal in the webinar.